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Travel, Tourism, Entertainment and Wineries

Advancing regional destinational appeal

This combined industry cluster includes those firms that are focused on serving tourists in the region as well as those firms that are involved in

Fast Facts

In 2005, Travel and Hospitality saw nearly two-thirds (63%) of employment located in San Diego County. The cluster is represented primarily by Hotels and Motels (both with and without casinos; 89% of employment). The cluster also includes Travel Agencies and Other Travel Arrangement Services (6%). The cluster employs 49,000 persons, with an average wage of $25,000 per year, or 63% of the two-county average.

In 2005, Entertainment and Recreation had about two-thirds (68%) of employment located in San Diego County and the remainder (32%) in Riverside County. The largest industries are Casinos (39% of employment); Golf Courses and Country Clubs (16%); Amusement and Theme Parks (10%); and Zoos and Botanical Gardens (4%). Total employment in the cluster is 51,800, with an average wage of $27,500 per year, or 69% of the two-county average.

Wineries and Grape Vineyards are also grouped in this cluster, although a substantial amount of grapes are sold for purposes other than wine-making. The average wage of wineries and grape vineyards is $17,800 per year, or about one-half of the county average in Riverside.

According to the 2005 data, this cluster employs more people than 100,000 people and based on preliminary analysis that was more than 110,000 in 2008. The two counties also have several unique and world class resources related to Tourism, entertainment and wineries.

I-15 Key Strategies

The strategy development group for Travel, Tourism, Entertainment and Wineries identified the following strategies with the ultimate goal of advancing regional destinational appeal.

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