Our regional strategies in housing, transportation, and economic development improve the quality of life for Western Riverside County and San Diego residents.


The IRP Transportation Strategy seeks to address and remedy the transportation problems that both counties face in the Bi-County area along I-15 stemming from the steady increase in interregional commuting due to the jobs-housing imbalance. Under the existing conditions, sixty percent of I-15 commuters live in the Temecula-Murrieta area and commute to the San Diego region for work. The IRP conducted several studies to find the best ways to improve conditions on the I-15, as well as to reduce the environmental and infrastructural impacts of interregional commuting in both counties.

Project Proposals

Caltrans Districts 8 (Riverside and San Bernardino Counties) and 11 (San Diego and Imperial Counties) developed a coordinated study to identify and assess transportation issues in the county line section of I-15. The two districts made joint proposals for the shared area around the I-15, shown below.

Capacity Enhancing


Operational Improvements

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) / Transportation Demand Management (TDM)