Our regional strategies in housing, transportation, and economic development improve the quality of life for Western Riverside County and San Diego residents.

What is the Interregional Partnership (Partnership)?

The Interregional Partnership is a voluntary partnership between elected officials representing the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG), and other key decision-makers from public and private sector organizations.

Why was the Partnership formed?

The Partnership was formed in 2001 to address the challenges of serious imbalances in jobs and housing growth across the two-county area.

Western Riverside communities provide a growing portion of the needed housing for workers in the San Diego region.

What is the significance of this imbalance in jobs and housing growth?

Increasing numbers of long distance commuters generated by land use decisions will have serious impacts on transportation, our environment, and our general quality of life.

How will the Partnership address this situation?

The Partnership was convened to establish a framework that allows local policy makers from the member councils of governments and the private sector to address the interrelationships between the location of jobs and housing and the concurrent impacts on transportation and air quality. The Partnership's strength is in its diversity; it has representatives from communities on opposite ends of the same problem. Each of its member's communities is faced with impacts from different aspects of the situation: rapid, imbalanced and uncoordinated growth.

What are the Partnership's goals?

The primary goal is to foster more sustainable land use patterns by providing employment closer to where people live in housing-rich areas and more affordable housing closer to employment in job-rich areas. The overall intent is to reduce the number of work-related vehicle trips and the amount of commuter miles traveled. More specifically, the Partnership's objectives are to:

- Achieve a more equitable jobs/housing balance,
- Improve transportation and air quality,
- Enhance the quality of life throughout our interregional area,
- Pursue interregional economic development opportunities, and
- Establish more sustainable methods of moving people between their homes and distant jobs.

How will the Partnership achieve its goals?

Working through a committee structure, the Partnership will identify and prioritize issues related to jobs/housing balance, recommend strategies and model approaches to address the issues, and promote adoption of its recommendations into existing jurisdictional and agency plans and programs. Evaluation will occur on both a policy and a technical level.

How will the Partnership's efforts be funded?

The Partnership's efforts are funded through an Interregional Partnership (IRP) Grant from the State, which is designed to address the impacts of substantial jobs/housing imbalances. Distribution and monitoring of the grant is under the direction of the State Department of Housing and Community Development.