Our regional strategies in housing, transportation, and economic development improve the quality of life for Western Riverside County and San Diego residents.

IRP Economic Development Initiative

Interregional employment and productivity

The I-15 IRP economic development strategies focus on improving the greater regional infrastructure to increase productivity, as well as develop new opportunities for employment and advancement. This emphasis is critical both for industry and private employers that are focused on profitability and responding to the change and uncertainty that exists in the marketplace, as well as public and private institutions that support the businesses and residents in the greater Riverside and San Diego region.


  1. Increase the number of high quality jobs in the region with opportunities for continuing career pathways - - focused on the expansion of jobs in those industries that will generate additional employment, but also provide valued employment opportunities for regional job seekers.
  2. Increase regional employment opportunities that reduce commute congestion on the I-15 - - development of employment opportunities closer to where residents live, ultimately reducing congestion on the I-15.
  3. Increase regional economic diversity to improve resiliency to economic challenges and downturns - - developing a stronger set of industry clusters that are not dependent on a single economic driver.

Core Themes:

  1. Targeted promotion and advancement of key export oriented or traded industry clusters can have a significant overall impact upon the economy and the employment picture.
  2. Identify and build upon the resources that are available within the greater region.
  3. Focus on strategies and programs that are best developed and implemented interregionally and respect those programs that are best maintained at the local level.

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