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Biotechnology and Medical Devices Manufacturing

Connecting R&D with Manufacturing

This combined industry cluster includes firms that are engaged in the life science such as biotechnology research and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals (Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals), as well as those firms that are manufacturing biomedical products and surgical and medical devices (Surgical & Medical Instruments and Supplies.

Fast Facts

In 2005, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (Biotechnology) was located primarily (93%) in San Diego County, with the remainder (7%) in Riverside County. It is dominated by Physical, Engineering and Biological Research (73%). It is complemented by manufacturers of In-vivo Diagnostic Substances (8%) and Pharmaceutical Preparations (7%). The cluster employs 31,800 persons, with an average wage of $81,000 per year, or 204% of average for the two county region.

In 2005, Surgical and Medical Instruments and Supplies (Medical devices) had two-thirds of employment located in San Diego County. The largest industry is Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing (53%), followed by Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing (18%), and Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing and Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing (16%). Total employment in the cluster is 8,600 persons, with an average wage of $54,700 per year, or 138% of the two-county average. More recent data shows increases in employment in Medical devices.

This is a high wage cluster with relatively large economic multipliers. Economic forecasts for this industry are generally more robust than other advanced manufacturing industries, as the demand for biotechnology and medical devices is largely driven by the healthcare industry rather than other more cyclical components of the macro-economy that are currently seeing diminished expectations.

I-15 Key Strategy

The strategy development group for biotechnology and medical devices manufacturing identified the following strategy.

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